Flight Instruction

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It has been said that your first hot air balloon ride costs a few hundred dollars, but your next one costs a few thousand. That's because many people find the thrill of lighter-than-air flight to be addictive.

As an FAA Commercial LTA pilot, our Chief pilot Drew Egerton is certified to give pilot instruction and flight reviews. Drew has amassed over 100 hours of instruction and trained several of the local pilots in Statesville that you may get to fly alongside.

In addition, Drew was certified in 2020 by the National Association of Flight Instructors and The Balloon Training Academy as an

Elite Balloon Instructor! This distinctive honor is awarded to those who consistently show a high level of skill instructing students, while also demonstrating a commitment to the balloon community through participating in various educational activities.


We do offer instruction in our equipment to get you started and will then help guide you to quality new or used  equipment when you are ready.

We also offer competition flight training for those who are already pilots and looking to improve their navigational skills.

Crew Instruction

No cost! Contact us to get involved

One thing that all balloonists can agree on, is that we cannot do this without the help of our CREW! Other folks love ballooning for the comradery, but just aren't ready to soar about the ground quite yet. 

The crew consists of anywhere from just one to several people who are willing to get up early in the morning and work hard to put the balloon together, drive the chase truck and follow us as we fly, help communicate with landowners, and help us pack up the balloon. Our team is also trained regularly on how to handle emergency situations, first aid just in case!

The crew that is consistent and reliable may also rewarded with the occasional free balloon ride. when the schedule allows.

We are always looking for new crew to get involved, so if this sounds like something you may be interested in, please contact us!

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